on the radar again

hi everyone,

its been a while but i read forum regularly.

i have got lots of really good reassurance on this site. so glad its here for me.

i have flown under radar with my ms dx since 2013, partly due to a very relaxed 1st neurologist i think and my ms nurse moving on to other areas of nursing, also i have only had a few sensory issues so am extremely lucky.

i have just seen a different more senior neuro and he is sending me for a lumbar puncture at kings in london. i never had one originally but was dx from mri scan and clinical evidence. he is also sending me for another mri with contrast.

i do know i have perhaps brushed it all under the carpet after my initial shock/upset in 2013 but now i feel overwhelmed again, and i know my partner is feeling unsettled.

i have no ms nurse and the appointment that was due this month has just been cancelled till jan 2016.i think they are trying to recruit in my area.

i think drugs will be discussed after the lp and the mri so i’m feeling a bit sick to my stomach particularly about the lp.

this forum has given me reassurance about things previously

love to all

kim x


Hey Kim, welcome to the group !!! All kinds of different people on here with all different kinds of symptoms. How good are yours ? You wouldn’t know I have ms unless i tell you, no cane, no wheels, no drugs. 19 years on this ride too and one of the lucky ones… let your partner read the site too, there’s a section for those who put up with us !! Take care, Andy

Thanks Andy- same as you really,no one would know i have ms unless i cared to tell them. Have you made a decision not to take the drugs or have they never been offered?

Thanks for reply x kim

It’s been mentioned, but I thought I’d save them till necessary. … I’m on citalopram (?) for mood swings, but that’s it… Andy