On the move. B&Q Chiswick

Travelling as I do very often (work related) I suddenly needed to find a toilet. Last Friday 19th June. I was just about on the A406 at Chiswick so stopped there. I knew there was a loo at the large B&Q.

The young man on the door refused to let me use the toilet. I explained that I had a medical reason and needed it but no, he wouldn’t let me in. So I asked for his name. He gave me a name but the complaint I have just made to the manager tells me it was a false name. She knew who I meant though.

If you are in that area and need a loo I recommend Osterley underground station. I use the underground a lot and often stop there. It costs 20p but it’s safe.

Honestly these people make me sick, 1 day they might need 1 themselves and I hope they get the same reply, GRrrr

Some years ago, we were travelling on a motorway and stopped for a loo break…a much needed one as my bladder was temperamental to say the least.

There were some newly built facilities at a service station. I limped towards the building and yep…a sign for disabled loos was prominent. I hobbled as quickly as my non co-operative legs would carry me…I got further and further into the gloom of the building`s belly…still no disabled loo…I didnt think I had passed it.

There were the regular loos…no disabled amongst them…I finally asked a staff member and was told in a non caring reply, Yeh, disabled loo is down there and round the back.

For heavens sake…this was a brand new building and that`s what they thought of disabled needs…down there and round the back.

I found the right place eventually…but I was so enraged, when I came out and asked to see the manager of the building.

He wasnt available, so I left a note for him…

Thankyou for providing disabled loos, for those of us who need a special facility and thankyou for putting it so far from the entrance. I hope you never need it in a hurry.

You know what, there are benefits from having my catheter bag and wheelchair at times!


Can’t say I’m surprised about that B&Q, I once, about 10 years ago spent about half an hour/45 minutes being totally ignored standing at a counter while about 6 other customers (all male) were served so I’m not surprised that they’re still rude. But I must admit I don’t remember them having a loo for customer use.

I can recommend Tesco Osterley or Sainsbury Essex place Chiswick (free with a blue badge) nearby if you’re in a tight spot

Question? Are public loos open now? As in right now, the ones on the coast weren’t the other day reports said visitors were peeing in public and leaving excrement on the beach!

So annoying.

I’ve got a ‘I need some help’ card from MS Society. Free or download it.


Can get you into very exclusive places!!!