On Radio 4 now - Amitriptyline

Quick post - Inside Health, on now, is about to have a feature on how amitriptyline (sp?) has made the transition from old-fashioned anti-depressant to universal cure-all!


Hi T, by the time Id fathomed how to put radio 4 on tv...........theyd done talking about amitriptyline. i heard about benzo…a sleeping pill for elderly and opiates. Was it good?

luv Pollx

I’m still not sure it’s been on yet, Poll - unless it was very brief. The benzo mention was about something else - there’s a new gadget that can detect drugs from the finger tips. Very useful if a patient is admitted in an unconscious or semi-conscious state, and you’ve no idea what they might have taken.

Oops - ON NOW!!!

Got it T. Heard doc say it can have side effects including, sedation, blurry thinking…didnt mention dry mouth which is my side effect. Been on it since 2000. Back then it did make me sleepy, but not now. Didnt mention weight gain, did it, unless I missed it.

Cheers Tina.

luv Pollx

Didn’t cast a lot of new light, did it Poll?

Seemed the main point they were trying to get across was that people shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking their neuro symptoms aren’t believed, because they’ve been prescribed an AD.

But I think most people here are already familiar with the double uses of amitriptyline, and know that just because the leaflet goes on about antidepressants, doesn’t mean they’ve got it for that.

I must admit, I’ve been reluctant to try amitriptyline, because I’ve had bad experiences with several different ADs in the past. It’s not a route I’ve been very keen to go down again. The description of the side effects did nothing to encourage me. I can barely concentrate or stay awake as it is - except during the night, when I’m supposed to be sleeping! The last thing I want is anything that’s likely to cause drowsiness or “cloudy thinking”.

I wasn’t aware of weight gain as a possible side-effect of amitriptyline, although I’m aware it can be with pregabalin or gabapentin. Another reason I’ve been resisting those too. I think the neuro last time thought it’s just vanity, but I worked soooo hard last year, to lose more than a stone, and minimise the load on my painful legs, and the amount of energy it takes me to get from A to B. Irrespective of the looks thing, it would be so disheartening to start putting it all back on again. :frowning: