OMG I'm So Nervous

I can’t believe it, I had a phone call this morning asking me to go in for lumber puncture tomorrow!!! I am now freaking out as been is busy sorting out someone to be here when boys get home from school and whether Nigel can drive me to hospital etc etc, I hadn’t had time to really think about it!!! I’ve realised ive got more and more wobbly the more I’ve started to worry. Think I’m off to bed but I don’t think I’ll sleep much. Will let let know how get on. :-). :slight_smile:

My LP experince was a good one. No pain and no headache afterwards, just remember you need to take it easy for the rest of the day afterwards though.

Hope you get everythiing sorted and good luck.

Hi Don’t worry. It is an easy pproceedure and you will be in enough time for kids. Remember to lie flat after and when you get home, drink lots of fluids and caffeine aids replenishment of fluids. Full fat coke. Don’t drink too much coke, coffee, red bull or you will get a caffine headache that is worse. Take it easy Mike

Hope it goes ok

Sam x

Good luck for today Sarah! xxxjenxxxx

Good luck.



Hi Sarah How did yr LP go, u ok? Mike

Not too bad. She managed it first time, havent had a headache but boy have I ached today literally from head to toe and absolutely exhausted. Going to watch Olympic torch tomorrow morning in Christchurch which is the nearest place to us, so up at crack of dawn. And going to borrow a light weight wheelchair that Nigel’s mum has and not using. May have to dust it off and hopefully there are not too many spiders on it!! Have a good weekend all :slight_smile: xx

Im glad your lp experience wasnt to bad

Sam x