omega 3


just a quick post about omega 3. i’m wondering where people buy it from online? i’m wanting to take a high dose of epa 1000mg, and what i’m finding online is that i would need to be taking five pills of it a day to reach that amount! what amount is generally recomended or do you take?

anyone have an online shop they can recomend?

also, any tips on what other supplements would be good to take and the dose would help as i’m only just diagnosed (since friday) and have no idea where to start with this.


i take a capsule of omega 3 every day consisting of:- 700mg EPA, 200mg DHA. 20mg DPA

i also take 1 capsule of Baseline AM in the morning

and 1 capsule of Baseline PM in the evening.

the baseline ones are multi vitamin/multi mineral developed for ms

i get them from the essential health clinic glasgow.

i take 5000 IU of vit D3 (holland and barrett)

and 2 x calcium and magnesium from holland and barrett

hope this helps

carole x You should find what you’re looking for here. John

hi again amy

ask your gp to get your bloods done, ask for vit D, Vit B12 to be included.

tell him that you are taking supplements.

taking too much Vit D can be bad so its as well to get it checked.

i forgot to say on the last post that i have a monthly B12 injection and it is fabulous. i’d have it every day if i could.

carole x

thanks very much guys. ive asked for my vit d to be tested. havent asked for b12 but i will when i go in for the test. i’ll check all these out.


i have so many blood tests but never have any idea what im being tested for or the results! i asked at my docs what al my blood results were and she said they were fine, but she only mentioned they tested blood counts?! don’t think it included testing for vit levels.

ahhh, well i suppose i’d better go give more blood. i’m sure they’re vampires…

I find these people are pretty good.

Hello. I use The site involves gps and nutritionists, they also do an interesting magazine.

thanks people.

carol, if you have links for the baseline stuff and the omega 3, that would be ace. i googled it and found a few diff types x

oh its ok, ive found it on healthyandessential, which is a really good website. just looking at the 5000iu d3 capsuals…that seems alot for every day! anyone know what is recomended for people with low vit d3 (assuming i am low)? i will ask at the doctors but i know their recomended daily dosage for vit d3 is out of date


hi again amy

i dont know what the recommended vit d level is. NHS are out of date so it gets complicated.

i think healthy and essential is what used to be essential health clinic.

they have a DIY vit D test, they send you a kit, you jab your thumb and put the blood on a card, send it back and they test it and reply.

maybe they are the best people to ask for optimum levels

carole x

oops it is a self test kit for omega 3

ahhh thats cool. my heads hurting from reading and looking at diff things. baseline looks interesting but i saw it doesnt have any iron in so not sure if i could use it as a multi vit.

anyway, here’s what im getting for now from healthspan:

omega 3 high levels of epa and dha

vit d 50mg daily (2000 iu)

vit c 500mg daily

evening primrose 500mg per week

a good multi vit daily

im awaiting the results for b12 tests, vit d and the omega 3 home kit i will def do in a few months to see how the oil ive just ordered is working.

interesting stuff! thanks for the replies *mind boggles