Old friends and family

Hello good people.

I include some brief thoughts relating to the title of this thread but first I will report on one of the problems of life in a wheelchair. We were coming to the graveside part of the funeral service and the weather was dry but humid. Two of the grave diggers and one of the undertakers kindly offered to lift me over the kerb and onto the grass. Fine. Within three feet my front wheels had submerged into the soft sodden soil. In his rush to rescue me, one of the diggers slipped on the mud and cascaded into the back of my chair. There was a distinct suckery sound as they disengaged the wheels from the clinging topsoil. I was carried Cleopatra like in my chair to the graveside. Where there’s a will there’s a way. I left a trail of mud for the rest of the day.



It’s good to hear from you Steve, your dad would have been so proud seeing all of his family and friends celebrating his life. I’m glad it went well for you . I had to smile over your chair …I’ve got stuck in the mud a few times , last time was when Frazer pooed on the edge of a farmers field …I always feel bad not picking up even though assistance dog owners are exempt, I always try my hardest to grab it in my poo bag with my sore arm …only this time a tractor was coming and I moved quickly onto a muddy patch and started to sink …the more I moved the deeper I went in , like quick sand …the man in the tractor thankfully spotted my dilemer and helped push me out. Michelle and Frazer xx