Old dog, new tricks!

I’m finding it too difficult to navigate. I doubt I’ll be back.
Can’t teach this old dog any new tricks!


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It is a bit of a shocker. I REALLY dislike the vast expanse of stark white space that seems to assault my eyeballs, and I don’t like not seeing who the poster is until clicking on the thread. Having said that I am feeling rather grumpy with everything today because I went in a shop that usually lets me use their loo when I’m desperate (whilst I’m shopping in there) and today some jobsworth said I couldn’t because of covid. So I put my basket on the floor and said “I’d better leave quick then before you have to mop a puddle on the floor!” It made me cry actually. Regardless of Covid we still need to be humane don’t we? I felt humiliated. Please don’t leave! Just have a browse now and again and hopefully it’ll become familiar x


I don’t like it, either, but please don’t leave! It’s not as warm and inviting as it used to be, but the people are still the same, and that’s worth something.