Old dog, new tricks!

I’m finding it too difficult to navigate. I doubt I’ll be back.
Can’t teach this old dog any new tricks!



It is a bit of a shocker. I REALLY dislike the vast expanse of stark white space that seems to assault my eyeballs, and I don’t like not seeing who the poster is until clicking on the thread. Having said that I am feeling rather grumpy with everything today because I went in a shop that usually lets me use their loo when I’m desperate (whilst I’m shopping in there) and today some jobsworth said I couldn’t because of covid. So I put my basket on the floor and said “I’d better leave quick then before you have to mop a puddle on the floor!” It made me cry actually. Regardless of Covid we still need to be humane don’t we? I felt humiliated. Please don’t leave! Just have a browse now and again and hopefully it’ll become familiar x


I don’t like it, either, but please don’t leave! It’s not as warm and inviting as it used to be, but the people are still the same, and that’s worth something.

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Hello Flowerpot. Oh yes you can :slight_smile: :grin: From one old dog to another Tip: it’s the Shepherd that needs to change
And then the herd will be able to follow into a better field with fresh pastures.
Run in your mind for forthcoming days.
Take care from this old girl. :grin:

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Happy New Year, Flowerpot xx
No quite sure why I am just seeing this now!!! I thought I had the hang of this damn site but obviously not!
We are the same old :sunglasses: cool gang just hanging around waiting for some treatment that will help us.
Take care be safe M :heart: x

Hi M M 1.
So very sorry to hear what happened in that damn store, it made me cry just reading it! No-one gets it, :sunglasses: we are the cool gang, we get it.
Until you have walked in that person shoes and that’s us :sunglasses:
I have not wished you a Happy New Year so HNY, didn’t want to repeat myself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Take care, be safe M x

It happens all the time M, that the :sunglasses: gang come up with another post from a year ago (or several years ago!). That’s why new posts keep popping up on threads that are ancient. Often with posts from various ‘Inactive Users’.

HNY to you too anyway.

Sue xx

Not every dog can learn new tricks quickly. Perhaps you need a professional trainer for your dog. I have a husky dog that is already 9 years old, and now I’m going to teach her to swim. My wife thinks it’s a bad idea because the dog is already old. Fortunately, the water is already warm, so twice a week I go with my dog to the sea to teach her to swim. I even bought a dog life vest. Despite the age of the dog, she swims perfectly.