Okay, so had some blood results back.

So,ive had alot of hospital contact this week, mainly my blood test results.

As ive said recently, i was due blood to be taken for further investigation. HIV (again) syphillis, and some others. Had my results Friday. All negative. Good news you might think? Well, i have to wait for another result to come back in another 4 weeks. HHV8.

Now i have never heard of this before, so looked it up. A form of herpes, that causes tumours. Karposis is the normal name.

Im now kind of worried as you can imagine, as i also get rashes on mu arms and legs and i am now wondering if this could be the cause?

I also had my contrast mri appt for next week, but i am more concerned about the above.

Can anybody shed anymore light/info on this illness?

Just found a very interesting article: It appears that HHV-8 causes problems when someone’s immune system is weak. Assuming yours is normal (MS is not related to a suppressed immune system), then this virus (and the other herpes viruses) would be kept in check. Herpes viruses can recur and cause rashes and neurological problems so I can see why they’re testing you for them all. The HIV test may be because people with HIV are likely to show symptoms - because their immune system is weak. It sounds like your neuro is being super thorough - which is reassuring - but from what little I’ve read, the chance of cancer from HHV when you have a normal immune system is very low. Karen x

Thanks Karen.

Im more than a little worried about this as my father and my fathers father both died of brain tumours. My dad was 24

No wonder you’re worried - that is a hell of a thing to have to deal with :frowning: Kx