Ok how much more can we take??? Life seriously sucks!!!!

OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH soo fed up at the mo!! Nedd to rant on here thought it’s not really MS related!!!

It all started about a year and a half ago ( will make it a shortened version!!! so dont worry!!! lol)

My hubby got taken into hospital in pain… Diverticulitis was DX

OK, then

My brother ( 32) had a mini stroke…

My cousin was told he had lymphoma

(this all happened in less than a week!!!)

My hubby then got laid off from work and i started getting ‘ill’

Hubby got taken back on at work in January ( fabulous news as it had been an awful 6 months)

i got my ms dx in march

In the meantime my brother had been on blood thinners but still getting pains in arms so recently had an angiogram ,scan and bloods. Saw the consultant thers a shadow on his lungs they are investigating but the good news is his arteries aren’t clogged up enough for stents… YAY he’s only 32 so thats pants

My cousin has now finally been given a definite diagnosis (aftr the last year and a half of being told it’s not actually lymphoma, they don’t know wha it is or how to treat it) ‘oh yes it is actually lymphoma and it’s stage 3’ ( what numpties!!! so of course it’s 10 times worse now than then!!!

OH yeah my hubby… got taken into hosp againa few months ago… gall stones then the vasectomy that he had which he’s been having troubles with ever since having it done!!

Oh my life is amazing!!!

Oh yeah my mum in law found a lump last month ( thankfully all clear) and my dad in law is losing the plot and i think suffering serious PTSD!!!

Anyone wanna swap lives for a year or two??? lol

And this all started within days of starting my level 3 childcare course!!! coincidence??? which so far i still haven’t managed to complete!!

Kate x x x

Life does suck big time! I had hodgkins lymphoma in 1990. In 1991 after treatment they thought I had MS because of l’hermittes. MS ruled out and told it was side effect of radiation treatment and it would go. Anyway it did. Then in 1993 had my first baby who was born with Downs Syndrome. In 1994 he had to have emergency heart surgery. In 1995 he got tumor in eye and had to have it removed. Then in 1997 he was DX with autism too. Roll on to 2005 and had numbness down left side. MS was again suspected but as MRI was clear got no dx. Roll on 2008 had attack followed by progressive right leg weakness. PPMS was suspected but as LP was clear and only one lesion seen (in neck) they have decided it might be damage from the radiation treatment all those years ago. Anyway noone is really sure what my problem is. After the lymphoma I thought I had my share of problems - after the Downs I was convinced I had more than my share - I just dont want anymore.

Luv Moyna xxx

Thanks Jennifer x x x

Moyna i really feel for you!! What a nightmare time for you!!!


Kate x x

I wish I had a magic wand that could sort everyone out! When you stories like you guys & then you hear of evil gits who get through life without a care in the world it is all so unfair. But all I can do guys is give you both lots of hugs & support. Take care Kelly xxx

Thanks Kate. I hope your problems settle down too. To be honest I thinks these neurological problems I have are the worst of all. It is hard to battle on when you trip and are constantly exhausted all of the time.

Love Moyna xxx

sorry to hear what you have had to go through it makes me sound a wimp, i came on here looking to wing about my M.S playing up now i think i’ll go away and count my luck stars that all though i too had problems with family and friends dieing and loose of job mine where not as bad as you guys so please have my admerration (sorry can’t spell this) and my prayers that the sun will shine on you both and thank you for being so brave to post this i hope others get inspration from you 2 . hope things look better kathy

Hi Kate, I know hun. Bad things keep on happening and we wonder if we`ll ever cope, yet somehow we do.

The spirit and and life force within us comes out and says, Oh yeh? Bring it on!

We must be made of stronger stuff than we realize.

Luv Pollx

life is so unfair. so many bad things are happening to good people. i really hope you all have some good luck soon xx