Oh no. What have I done?

Suddenly; in MS terms, suddenly may be over the course of a few weeks, I am now on the radar of adult social care, the MS nurse, the neurologist and the incontinence nurse. I’d better find the diary app on my phone.

Fortunately, there will be beneficial outcomes apart from the neurologist. I engineered that appointment with half an eye on the expected summons for PIP assessment. I’m not looking forward to going up to the jungle, fighting with heavy doors, being seen by a note taker (that’s all he ever does) and hanging around for patient transport.

Adult social care and OT should help with updating my bathroom and the incontinence nurse will help with my wanderlust.

Once I have what I need, I’ll be hoping for another decade in the wilderness. The next six months may be crucial.


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You’ll be okay Steve. It’s not like your situation has improved. The jungle is just full of lovely people, trying to help & make your life easier. There’s no election on, for brownie points scoring. Not that I know of. I gave up trying to understand this system. It changes like the weather. Terry

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