Oh my back hurts

Hi All, i’m not quite new here but i haven’t visited for a long time.

When i was first diagnosed the drugs i was scared of where muscle relaxants and now i have some, they are sitting on my dining room table and have been for 3 nearly 4 weeks.

I have got muscle spasms in my right hip and lower back which sometimes bring me to tears, i have found nothing that make them better. I have been doing regular physio which some weeks i think has done the trick and then with no warning i’m back at square 1.

I would be very grateful if anyone could share with me either their coping mechanisms or their opinions on muscle relaxants and if anyone is on them now “what is it like?”

I’m on my second lot of ON at the moment, i went completely blind in my right eye for the whole of December and now it is coming back, so with that and this pain i don’t think i have felt so down.


Hi Lisa,

Why are you scared of muscle relaxants, and which is it you’ve been prescribed?

I’m on Baclofen (day and night) and diazepam (just night) and wouldn’t (couldn’t!) be without them.

I don’t get any side-effects I’m aware of, although I know they must make me drowsy, because I’m out like a light when I go to bed - which is no bad thing. I don’t notice it during the day, though. To be fair, I am sleepy during the day, but my GP checked my notes, and it’s clear I was complaining about that before I ever took the muscle relaxants, so I’m afraid I have to blame the disease, not the tablets. I’m tired all the time anyway, but they haven’t made me noticeably worse.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad side-effect, or one I’ve even noticed. I certainly notice when they’re wearing off, or if I’ve missed a dose, though!

I think they are pretty safe drugs, and incidents requiring hospital admission are virtually unknown - especially at a beginner’s dose, as I imagine you’d be on. So the worst that might happen would be you don’t like the way they make you feel. In which case, no big deal, you don’t have to stay on them. But it’s a pity not to at least try.

When I first took Baclofen, I noticed almost immediate relief from pain I’d put up with so long, I’d accepted it as normal! With hindsight, I should have been on it years earlier, but I couldn’t, as I was still undiagnosed.


Hi Tina,

I have been prescribed Baclofen, my issue is that i have quite bad incontinence (i have no feeling in that area) so i’m scared that the drugs are going to make that worse. I have been working hard to try and regain some control (so to speak) and i don’t want to lose what i have got so far.



I cannot tell you whether this might or might not be an issue, as it’s not something I’ve so far had a problem with (feels like I need the loo every blooming’ five minutes at the mo, but in reality, it’s not more than every couple of hours, and at least it’s staying in).

But I just wonder whether you get any time to yourself, and can arrange to experiment in privacy, when you’ve “taken precautions”, as it were?

I know it’s not a very nice thing to have to take precautions against, but if you’re aware of it as a possibility, it’s surely more manageable than if you’re caught completely by surprise. If you’re half expecting it, you could even sit on a heap of old towels and a sheet of polythene all day, until you’re sure whether things are working OK.

I find Baclofen only lasts about four hours, so if it did have any unwanted side effects - including the one you’re most worried about - it’s not going to be irreversible. When the drug wears off, you would return to however you were before (the good AND the bad). So it’s not a risk of losing anything permanently - only for the duration of your experiment.

I appreciate that if you have family, it’s going to be harder to engineer things so you can test it out in private, and it won’t matter if you have a little accident. I should think, ideally, you need to test for at least a day or two to confirm whether it helps you or not, but obviously if you have an accident after the very first dose, it would point to it probably not being for you.

It just seems such a shame to be so very down, and not even try something that might help. Unfortunately, the only way you’ll ever know is to put it to the test, so I just wonder if you can find a time and a place where it wouldn’t be the end of the world, and have a trial run.