office chair

Hi, I am looking for a chair, like an office chair, that swivels and has castors and most importantly a handbrake. Any pointers to where to go would be appreciated.

You can purchase castors with brakes and fit them yourself to any office chair that you have.

Amazon sell them for £20-£40

I couldn’t find any with a handbrake though.

Herman Miller Aerons here.

The polished metal versions are a design classic and look stunning.
The all black ones can look a bit ‘office’ for the home though. Obviously the polished metal ones are at the pricier end of the scale. Find yours on 1 stop bedrooms reviews

We have 3 Aerons, the most comfortable chairs in the house - I use one at my desk and another in the lounge because it’s more comfy than the sofa, though doesn’t recline obviously. No other task chair comes close - HM have a design patent that no other company has ever been able to break. Not cheap: RRP is nigh-on £1200 these days and even after covid lockdown, you can still pick up good 2nd hand ones for around £400. Important to get the add-on lumbar support.