Oesophageal manometry ???

Hi, I have rrms. I have got to have a Oesophageal manometry due to burning sensation etc. Has anyone had this test ?? What was your experience ?? Thanks in advance.

Hi, I had a barium swallow test last month because I was having problems swallowing some things. I am guessing that your test will be the same, but I am not certain. If it is the ses as mine all I had to do was stand on a small platform attached to an xray plate. The radiologist told me to take sips of the barium drink and hold it in my mouth until he said go. Then he took the pictures. I only needed two pics as the problem was quickly seen. They sent a report to consultant and a week later I received an appointment with the Speach and Language. Meaning I don’t have the right signal going from brain to oesophagus. I am out of sync… I hope this explains things for you. If you want to ask anything please go ahead, I am sure someone will answer your question very soon and probably completely tell me that the test is something else. I hope I haven’t misled you. The diagnosis is Esophageal Dismotility It is a recognised ms symptom apparently. best of luck Ell