The fresh fish counter at Tesco at Camberley has started selling Octopus. I have developed a taste for it.

Yesterday I bought a couple of smallish ones.

12 minutes in the pressure cooker because they are rubbery buggers otherwise. When they are soft cut the heads off and chop into pieces.

Make a sauce - chopped tomatoes, garlic, oregano.

In they go, add Worcestershire sauce to taste. For traditional Greek taste add feta cheese.


Afraid I dont like octopus, but your receipe sounds very tasty. I would eat the tomatoes & feta all on their own. Its good to know octopus can be pressure cooked though, dont like their heads and suckers, nor their colour, yet I have eaten aligator & snails! Most people would say theyre yuk, takes all sorts doesnt it, but thanks for the tip.