Does anyone know if you have to take this every 6 months for the foreseeable future or is it just twice? I’ve had 2 rounds of lemtrada and after a year from my last infusion I have new activity on my MRI, ocrelizumab has been mentioned or third round of lemtrada. Anyone have any experiences on this drug or relapses so soon after lemtrada?

Hi Starshine,

I have only experience of Ocrelizumab for relapsing remitting MS. It is a 2 times a year forever infusion as far as I know and the results are astonishing. I didn’t have any huge reactions to it, but overnight regained all the feeling in my toes and now notice the arthritis in my left knee when it flares up. I have had no relapses at all since the June infusion and have been signed off by my physio who says my limp is almost un-noticeable now. I will be doing another MRI before the next infusion so I wait to see if my feeling so good is related to anything internal. I am sure that my decision, fully supported by my neurologist and nurses was the right one.