Does anyone else here have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

I have MS and I am trying to work out some things about past illnesses and so on…

When I was born, I was told I was born the wrong way round, Then I was blind but I have eye surgery to correct it.

Then from about age 4 = 8 I had epilepsy, which went away with meds in time.

So then I got OCD at age 8 and still have it now I am 29… I got MS when I was 20.

So that is me.

I like to hear other peoples thoughts.

Hi, I had a dog phobia for years, I don’t just mean I didn’t like them, I had a really phobia, I was terrified of all dogs and would run to safety if I saw even the smallest dog in the distance, fortunately I could run in those days! A hypnotist eventually helped me with this problem , I can now be in the same room as a dog, can behave in a rational way when I see a dog, even eventually owned a dog, however, I remain wary of many dogs even today. Cheryl:)

My husband has always had a mild form of OCD . He was diagnosed with MS 25 years ago. I often wondered if there was a connection.

MS for 30 years. OCD picked up 4 years ago