Occaisional attacks of numbness on left side of body including face

Since February 2014 I have had about 10 attacks of numbness on left side of body including face (where eye, lip, jaw and speech) are affected. These attacks last about 5-10 mins and then they go. During that time i use my right hand to massage my face to try to alleviate the condition.

This is new to me and extremely worrying. Has anyone else experienced this symptons? or has any remedies? Would an MRI on my brain be useful?

Please advise.

Hi Esmay, I’m not sure if you are a diagnosed person? As I began reading your post, my first thought was that occasional attacks of numbness are absolutely typical of MS relapses, but when I read they are only lasting 5-10 minutes each time, I realised they can’t possibly be that. Is there any pattern, that you’ve noticed? E.g. is it when you are hot (or have been in a hot bath or shower), stressed, or have been exercising? Any of those things could trigger a temporary increase in symptoms, which is not a relapse. Maybe it would be useful to keep some kind of diary, to see if you can identify any pattern? Otherwise, I can only think some kind of migraine. I think, whatever the situation, you need to mention it to your doctor or MS nurse. I don’t think it will be possible to work out what it is from a forum. If you’ve had so many, but they’ve always resolved within minutes, and never left lasting damage, it doesn’t seem likely they are strokes or anything - but I’m not a medic. Ask your doctor. If they don’t know, they will refer as appropriate. Tina x