o/p appt re spc

Hi all.

Today I spoke to my GP about having a supra pubic catheter.

I am having so many problems with my plumbing…

utis, urgency, very dodgy transfers to public loos with many falls or near falls…my 2 carers look so worried when they assist me and have received minor injuries in the process, usually followed by fits of laughter and impatient queues of people waiting to use the loo.

I was surprised when GP said I could ring and make my own out patient appointment.

It is 15th May…just 2 days after my refreshed return from a long weekend in Blackpool.

Oh, I`ll be trying out the CP loos there too!

luv Pollx

Sorry guys…this went out twice…blame my excitement at the joyous thought of less problems (one can only hope).

Please do not reply to this here post…use t`other if you like!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll Really pleased you have got appointment. Your carers will not know what’s hit them when they don’t have to assist the transfers!!! You will just need to carry an empty bottle around with you!!! luv Lindax