Nystagmus when in bed

Has anyone here experienced nystagmus?
I’m getting it mostly when in bed, either turning or trying to get up. It continues for a minute or two during which time I just stay where I am.
By chance, I have an MRI of the head coming up shortly, so guess that’s fortunate timing.

I had this and was assessed by MS Nurse as a relapse. Offered steroids but decided against as it was just before Christmas 2021 and concern over reduced resistance to infection caused by steroids as COVID risk from visitors from London.

It resolved quite quickly but take care with your balance until you fully recover (I tried to do too much too soon)


Colin, thanks for your reply.

I shall be seeing my consultant after the MRI so may well be offered steroids, if needed. I hadn’t thought of the infection risk re. covid, so will bear that in mind; thanks for the heads up.