Numbness to the face??

Hey all Chris here Had rrms for about 7 years now Started off with pins an needles in my feet an legs Started taking rebiff and stopped that after 18months as it wasnt doing what it should do, started on copaxone and had no problems until the other day Few days ago i got a funny sensation in my face, its been with me for past few days now, numbness and tingling all on the right hand side of my face,nose, lips and even my scalp Anyone had such sensations?

Hi Chris

Yes I have had this along with a crawling sensation across my face. As if I have walked into a spider’s web. It did stop after aboue a week.

Hope yours stops soon.


Hi Chris,

I have found Pregabalin has helped when I have had tingling/heat in limb problems.

Kind Rgds


I’ve had it too with the most irritating feeling that I constantly needed to scratch it as it itched. Had to sit on my hands to stop myself scratching. Bizarrely at one point it was just the tip of my earlobe which had the altered sensation.


I had the same nearly 2 years ago which led to my dx…still got numbness in roof of mouth but guess I’m stuck with it now Take care Baz