Has anyone had numbness on the side of the head and pulsating its like you can feel your heart beating against ur head and can feel it, been going on since april,I have been on Amitriptyline for the last few weeks, anyone got any similiar symptoms and how they releived it? Thank you

The only time I’ve felt anything like that was when my blood pressure was high. Have you discussed this with the doctor that prescribed the amitriptyline? I was on it for a number of years but never had any bad side effects.

Thank you so much for your reply, its funny you say that I have the blood p machine at home and and I just done the reading and its 151/91 thats on the high side? Are you on blood p tablets did they help stop the pulsating, thak you x

Yes, that’s a little high, and yes, my bp meds stopped the pulsating. Once in a while I forget to take them, and I’m reminded when the thumping starts.

Thank u for ur advice x