Numbness and bladder issues

Hi, I’m due to start Ocrevus on the 17th.

A week ago, the bottom part of my leg became numb. I’ve woken up this morning and the numbness has spread all the way up my leg. I also now feel like I constantly need to wee, but when I get there, nothing comes out.

Would a course of steroids sort this out or is there something else I can get to stop the bladder symptoms?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Ask your GP or MS Team for a Urology consult. Consider Trospium Chloride (Regurin) for urgency and possibly Botox injections in the bladder. I’ve been on the former for a few years and it does help. Have an appointment later this month as a prelim for Botox.


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Experiencing spreading numbness and bladder issues. Considering consulting healthcare provider about steroids or alternative interventions for bladder symptoms.