Numbing Question

Sorry question day today but when i hit the wall a few weeks back i was left with a creeping numbing in my thumb on my right hand and my left calve down this spread to the entire right hand but more worryingly ive noticed it in the right side of my face all day yesterday it was like i had an itch behind or by my right ear but today ive noticed its starting the same way my hand did as it now is from my cheek upto my hair behind my ear and partway down my neck all on the right side many thanks folks in advance

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I think the itchy neck thing was one of the most confusing bits of the ms. I mean what is that all about?? I found that pressing firmly (dont scratch) on it gave me some relef.

Hiya Sheep,

The numbness accompanied for myself my walking difficulties, I also have numbness to my face and neck and my arms followed in the months that came afterwards.

The strange thing for me is the top of my thigh is an area that if it is touched I feel as if it is painful, very weird isn’t it!?!

the nerves are just not right I guess. I can like you get areas of itching, but no amount of scratching can stop the itch therefore I have had to learn to put a face cloth on it, that I’ve run under the hot or cold tap dependant on my body temp.

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Thanks folks ive awoke to today struggling to swallow my pills and coffee going the wrong way down the ole hole resulting in coffee and coughing at the same time honestly dont do it the results is a laptop needing a deep clean damn straight tis a good job we can laugh , its my whole face and head now and including me tongue which is kinda weird , i went docs and it resulted in an i quote “Please do come back if you start choking” the only choking i feel like doing today is too the lack of support from Drs Ms Nurses and Neuros as i have had more support and discussions and understanding from this forum and i thankyou all for that as im learning more through you guys and gals and its much appreciated by me.

So ive gotta wait until either i see my Ms Nurse in 2 weeks (1stOct) or her response to my email to her hence to say im not that confident as of yet no reply and the only other time i emailed her 4 months ago i got a reply 3 months later , its laughable really but not when we are all suffering its a shame the whole picture isnt even right across the board in the Uk anyhoos im off to splutter my way through another coffee and fag and polish me bike have a good day folks & thankyou

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