Numb Skull

Does anyone else suffer from a Numb Skull.

Difficult to describe really. I suppose it`s a lightheaded feeling clouded by numbness. Bloody weird feeling.

Reminded me of The Numskulls in The Beezer comic when I was a kid.

Image result for the numbskulls beezer

i loved the beezer, dandy and beano.

where else would you find characters like the numskulls and the bash street kids!

kids today don’t know what they missed.

Yep, can’t feel my head or my face skin sometimes, really freaky feeling touching your head and it feels like it isn’t there! It makes me giggle a bit, one of the strangest things to wake up to.

Oh, teeth too, sometimes brush them and can’t feel it.


Yip, I refer to it as my frozen head.


Oh my word, had a massage yesterday, she pushed and prodded my head until it came to life, then dealt with the frozen neck, then did it again. She was wonderful, thumbs like a builder and I am going back next week. I can feel my skin today, my head and for a change, it doesn’t feel like someone has stuck on an unrelated object on the top of my neck. I came home, rested, washed and oiled my hair, feeling pretty darned good today.

I don’t drink, smoke, go out much so she will be my new fix. (Apart from the big pills of course). She was very understanding about my M.S. and had been briefed by the owner who knows me. She kept the room warm before I got there so there wasn’t a drastic change in temperature and heated the massage bed with soft towels covering it. OOOOOOh.