Nothing to do with MS............Irish names

Hi All

I know this has nothing to do with MS but I just thought with there being users on here of all different nationalities then there would probably be some Irish users who may be able to help (or obviously if you’re not Irish but still know then that fine)

I am buying a horse which I am picking up tomorrow and the name on its paperwork is Faheron son of Eioffa.

The poeple selling the horse are not sure how to pronounce the name. I have tried to google Faheron and Eioffa but it hasn’t come up with anything.

I was hoping to use one of the names as it’s stable name but don’t know if either are appropriate for a boy.


I’m a Norn Iron Prod but I would pronounce them as Fah-eron (stress on Fah) & E-fa (no stress). I’ve never seen the first name before but it’s a nice name. JBK x

Have a friend called Aoiffe (E-fa) female bit different on the spelling never seen the other name but presumably someone with links to the Emerald Isle will be along soon to fill in the gaps. Wish you all the luck with the new horse so exciting for you. Our older mare will be on maternity duties next year. So the 4.5 yr old will have to take her place competing scary stuff going from seasoned campaigner to grass roots again and I will just be spectating, daughter doing the honours out on the course.

Hey, Norn Irish too with a Gaelic name, Aisling. Never actually heard of Faheron, it sounds more like a surname to me. And the other name is usually spelt Aoife and like JBK said pronounced e-fa. Ash :slight_smile:

I’m Irish. Never heard of the name Faheron but my best guess would be that’s it would be pronounces Fay-ron. But it’s not an Irish name or word. I wonder is it a makey-uppy spelling of an actual Irish name because as Ashmash said Eioffa is actually spelled Aoife and pronounce “E-fa”.

So maybe they’ve taken an Irish name similar to Faheron and spelled it their own way.

Hopefully, he would already have a name - l have never changed the given names of my horses/ponies. Have changed the name of a rescue dog as his previous life had been so horrendous - wanted to give him a new start. Have five geldings at the moment - and they all seem to know their names when l call them. The eldest is 43 and the youngest is 5. The eldest one is the boss!

I too have never changed horses names even the poor mare I purchased called Doris (sorry to anyone out there called Doris but a suitable horse name it’s not!). I’m just glad I didn’t purchase her stable mate Colin as well. Always raised a smile at the vets whenever I phoned for a visit and gave her name. So nice to know there are other horse owners on the forum and I am not the only nutter to be out in all weathers. How do all you horsey people cope with your trusty steeds during a relapse/bad days.

Could Faheron have been a corruption of Waleran?

If it is, you are back to the 12th Century and the Norman invasion of Ireland.
Strongbow (the Earl of Pembroke) was a descendant of Waleran (Count of Meulan) and after a lot of “to-ing and fro-ing” married Aoife (correctly Ee-fa) MacMurchada, and took the Normans into SE Ireland.

With the odd name changes (and folk writing things down the way they thought they heard it) there is a connection in oral history) of a link between Strongbow and what is now the Cavanagh family (4 different spellings for this name alone). I am fairly sure on this, as my wife descends from the Cavanaghs of Kilkenny.

MacMurchada itself became morphed into McMurrough or McMurrah, or similar; thence into the McMurrough Cavanaghs.