Notes for appointment

Neuro March / April Fatigue, headache, dizziness, every day, fell over holding baby , big toes curling up, repeated twitch in leg went on for half hour even though I got up and walked around May fell over twice Going to the toilet all the time need to wee very soon after having a drink Tingly feet Mid May symptoms disappearing although occasional dizziness remain. Unsteady on feet still walking into door frames etc Historical Back ache/ felt a bit like sciatica going down back of legs (sprained back) Constipated 10 days Bad knees during pregnancy These are the notes for my neurology appointment, is this detailed enough? Anyone else had similar symptoms? I think my gp suspects ms but I haven’t had any vision problems or anything like that. Also if they require an mri scan will I have that appointment before I see neurologist?thanks all Edit: I’m so worried I’m imagining all these things and I’ll be told it’s all in my head .but my partner deffo felt my leg twitch and saw me fall over surely that must be real?


Yes, your notes probably are detailed enough.

Regardless of whether anyone else has experienced these symptoms, it will be considered by the neurologist not as an ‘it’s either MS or not MS’ thing, but as an ‘is this neurological or not’ thing. Only after they have determined that question (assuming the answer is yes, it’s neurological) will they consider what kind of neurological.

Everybody thinks they are imagining symptoms. Or overreacting. Vision problems are often an early symptom of MS, but not always.

You are unlikely to have tests like an MRI before you’ve seen the neurologist. They will want to be sure it’s neurological before sending you for tests.

Best of luck.


Thanks sue:) forgot to mention I also have no reflexes in my lower left leg, the doctor checked those out too all very strange. Just have to wait I suppose!

They seem nice and concise, that is if they read them at all. With my visits to my current neurosurgeon, I could write a confession to being the lost Lindbergh baby, and nothing would be done as he does not even look at it when I pass it on to him.

Sounds encouraging! Hope they’re not all that useless

Definitely hit or miss. Have seen 5 all told, 2 have been very good, listened and explained things well. The other three have been less than stellar.

Had some good news anyway, my appointment has been moved from September to July:)

At least that’s something, although I wouldn’t query it, as they probably made a mistake and would put you back a further few months :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha :slight_smile: