Not well and off work today (not ms)

I work four days a week and the last time I took a day off sick was April 2004 when I was pregnant and had a chest infection. But this morning I have had to admit defeat and phone in sick. I saw the out of hours doctor yesterday who was very good and gave me some antibiotics for tonsillitis. My throat was so sore I couldn’t swallow so haven’t eaten since Friday night tea, and have had very little to drink. It feels a bit better today so have had some water and am away to try and have something to eat. Also because I had a fever my walking and balance were so much worse but they seem better today, well as better as they get, lol. Don’t suppose it’ll matter about the day off really, at least I was sensible enough to not try and go in. Cheryl:-)

And on the plus side the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny! Look after yourself…tonsillitis is horrible Julia x

Sorry to hear this, Cheryl.

Like you, I have (so far) never had time off directly due MS, but only other things that come along, that tend to aggravate it.

I’ve had a couple of random episodes of throwing up, which may or may not have been ordinary tummy bugs, and the last time I was off for several days in a row was with cold and sore throat.

I think that was not long after I was diagnosed (2010). I thought I was dealing with it all quite well, and then went down with this monster cold. Throat stuff, in particular, seems to mess with the MS, doesn’t it?

Although tonsilitis is no fun, even by itself.

Thankfully, I don’t get anywhere near as many colds as I used to (they say you get fewer as you get older, as you can’t catch the same one twice).

But I do remember thinking it odd that I always seemed to feel soooo ill with them - “more” than just a cold.

Of course, I now realise they were “more” than just colds, because they were aggravating undx’ed MS as well.

I hope you feel better soon!

Have you got some tins of soup in the house? I think we talked about this before, but not in this specific context (thinking of if it snowed, and we couldn’t go out).

I always find soup’s a good compromise, if I can’t really manage any solids. Plain omelette goes down quite easily, as well.



Oh and an impressive sick record particularly for PwMS. Julia x

Thanks Julia, I see you’re in Aberdeenshire, I’m in Aberdeen too, the weather was lovely yesterday, it doesnt look too bad today although the sun hasn’t made it out yet. Long may it continue. Cheryl:-)

Thanks Tina, yeah I think when we get other things it does aggravate the ms and make that all seem worse. I was so wobbly yesterday that when I got up (which was only really to go to the toilet) that I asked my husband if he would get up and stand beside me just so I had some help if I felt I was going to fall. Thankfully today I’m managing to get up on my own so that’s an improvement. Yes I remember talking about the tins of soups, I think it was your idea, a very good idea, in case, it snowed and you couldn’t get out. I do have soup but I’m not really feeling it, maybe by lunch time I might. Gordon heated up some soup for Saturday lunch but I didn’t touch it! An omelette is a good idea and I hadn’t thought of that, think I might manage that. I must be in a bad way cos my mum came round, made herself coffee, took a biscuit, asked if I would like one and I said no, imagine me refusing a biscuit, lol. Cheryl:-)

Sunny in Fyvie! Supposed to be nice for a week. Up to 20 degrees!! Yay :slight_smile: Julia x

Oh are you in Fyvie then, Julia, I’m in the centre of Aberdeen. 20 degrees sounds great, might have to look out my summer clothes, lol. Cheryl:-)

I know this may sound awful but in hospital children have to eat toast after having their tonsils out. Apparently it is to prevent haemorrhage or something. Therefore, I’ve tried this when I have had tonsilitis in the past. It helps it to feel a bit better, truly! If you don’t fancy it though Cheryl, I don’t blame you! Teresa xx

Sorry you are poorly.

It is good for self-esteem and self-respect to know that you that you do not phone in sick unless you absolutely have to (and for people at work to know that too, as they surely do.) But I think it is equally important to be able, at need, to do the sensible thing and admit that you’re not well enough to come into work - without feeling that you have blown a good attendance record and therefore failed in some way!

It sounds as though you are finding you are able to do this, which is good. But do watch out for the kind of wrong-headed thinking that makes you feel you ‘must’ return to work ASAP or sooner, or you will be a bad person…



Teresa, I have heard that too about toast, I don’t fancy it tbh, however with you saying it has helped in the past it might be worth me giving a go. Anything that helps has to be worth a go! Cheryl:-)

Thanks Alison, you are absolutely right in what you are saying, I’ve gone to work in the past when I should not have done but this time I am being sensible and staying off. I might stay off tomorrow too! Cheryl:-)

Well done, you! I hope feel much better very soon.



I had mine out when I was 21. First nice nurse gave me ice-cream, which was lovely. Then the nasty nurse came with the toast and a glint in her eye and told me to get weaving. I was told it was the best way of getting rid of the build up of gunk that accumulates after surgery.