not sure what's going on here.....not MS

Live opposite an MOD site, so lots of helicopters and fuel, massive bang, made the roof shake, lots of thick black smoke, didn’t actually see anything, so no idea if it’s a drill or something if it is, they won’t be doing that when they build (if they ever do), HS2 would be right where the track will be!)…made me jump! smoke almost gone now

Hi Maude

That sounds scary! Hope it’s all calm now. I wonder if there would be anything on your local news about it, or if they’ll keep it quiet because it’s an MOD site. I’d be glued to the window with my binoculars.



oooeerr! That`s sounds ominous!

Is it all ok today hun?


It was a tractor and baler engine blowing up the biggest bang was apparently the tyres! neighbours across the road actually back on to the field, so that was their entertainment for the evening! they all have balconies or are split level with great views (for now)…unless they like trains obviously!) tractor a write off, expensive bit of kit hope the ins. covers it Alison x

Hi, ta for updating us.