Not sure on diagnosis and symptoms

I have been struggling mainly with shakes/tremors, sometimes not visible sometimes very visible, head, body and legs. I am a lady of a certain age and have struggled with tiredness for years, sit down fall asleep. I have has so many physical issues. Shoulder pain (calcification), Carpel tunnel surgery early this year. I am frustrated as I cant get my hands and body do react as it used to. I go dizzy if I move and if I just move my eyes. The main thing now is shakes. Dr. has not seen me just organized blood test, not diabetes, not thyroid, not seen or acknowledge the shakes only interested in dizziness. went to see a neurologist who did not have time to listen felt I could not tell him everything. He did physical tests like walking straight line testing my reactions. but did not look at me to see the shaking. I saw him in the afternoon and I am mainly bad on a morning unless I am tired. He said not Parkinson’s (which came out of blue did not think that at all) Possible essential tremors. Waiting for MRI scan results. I feel he did not listen and I was not able to explain all my symptoms. I got cross and upset. How do I tell him everything I feel without sounding like I have research symptoms to find something wrong? I am in limbo at the moment. Feeling frustrated had to pay for specialist as NHS said not epilepsy so not urgent).

Get a second opinion. Talk to your GP - they’ll refer you to a different neurologist. Insist on a head scan.

I saw a neurologist over 2 years ago - he just gave me pills that turned me into a zombie within 3 days. Roll on 2 years, neurosurgeon called for MRI then neurologist diagnosed MS. They may be so-called experts but they’re not Gods! 2 years ago I could still walk 1/2 mile unaided and now without any treatment, I’m down to about 100yds with a stick.

Don’t take no for an answer. The word that scares them most is “negligence”. If they miss something it’s on them.

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have you seen your optician? this reminds me of nystagmus. all these things can be linked.

Just a thought. BUT I agree with GCCK second opinion. If you dont tell the specialist everything then they cant make an informed choice.

Obviously something is going on. a lot of us have been in your boat mine was 16 long years until I docked at progressive MS, so if you think there is something going on then fight for yourself ok. xxx

I have had an MRI scan this week so I await feedback, plus blood tests for Copper??

Thank you for your advice. I saw an optician in the summer seen an optician and all is good with my eyes. So I pushed my DR again for a referral.
Just knowing I am not alone gives me strength. I feel like I am going mad

Hi try writing or typing all of ms on paper be prepared & good luck

did they check the Optic nerve?