Not sure if all the symptoms I have could be MS

Hi, I have been suffering with numerous symptoms over the past 7years, which are getting worse. I have been to my Gp numerous times and asked to see a neurologist but all they do is refer me to different hospital departments. I was told in 2005 I had fybromyalgia but the symptoms I have now do not resemble that. I get episodes of chronic fatigue from doing nothing, i have pain in my lower legs, which feels like i am being stabbed in the legs, these are worse at night. I get episodes at night of my legs twitching and moving uncontrollable, which is very painfull. This appears to get worse when I lie down. I suffer with an overactive bladder and urgency, I had a scan for this yesterday and was told the muscles in my bladder are contracting too much and I will need to have either botox injections into bladder every 6 to 9 months or surgery. I suffer with severe constipation. I have claw toes on both feet now which I have been told is due to the tendons contracting and I have episodes of having difficulty finding the words I want to speak and remembering recent events when I used to have a very good memory. I have also recently been suffering with extreme depression and anxiety. I am desperate to know what is causing all these symptoms but my gp just gives me the impression I am wasting his time.

Your symptoms could collectively be given a number of labels, but I ain’t no doctor so I’ll stick to what I know: dealing with symptoms.

  • chronic fatigue - give in to it when you can, fight it when you can’t, and try to get plenty of regular sleep / rest because being tired with fatigue is worse than horrible

  • leg pain - you might try the odd glass of Indian tonic water (but stop immediately if you have vision problems)

  • restless legs - make sure you’re getting enough daily exercise, no caffeine after (say) midday, and try a few laps of the bedroom if you’re steady enough to get up when you’ve got restless legs

  • bladder - drink plenty of water (but not too much), be aware of irritants (fruit juice, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee, alcohol, etc.) and keep intake of those down, give yourself wee time (if female = sit comfortably, feet flat on floor, legs at 45°), take your time and try to go continuously to empty your bladder, after you’ve voided try relaxing and giving it another go (you could be surprised!); regular complete voiding solves a lot of problems

  • constipation - exercise + fibre / linseeds / cod liver oil / prunes / [cellulose], etc. + water + a regular poo slot each day - even if you don’t go every day, try for a regular time 20 minutes after a meal each day, and give it 20 minutes each time

  • claw toes - daily stretching could be the key (unless contraindicated by the medics), plus a few minutes daily of rubbing the sole of your foot hard over a golf ball - but a podiatrist is going to be the best person to advise you on this

  • memory - work hard at improving this and keeping mentally active, because there are many causes of failing memory including age (anything over the age of about 7 lol) but we can help ourselves a lot by exercising the brain cells throughout life whether by doing crosswords or crafts (Christmas card making’s a good one at this time of year :>)

  • depression and anxiety - resolving this has to come from within and hopefully your GP is helping you with this; if not, please go back to him about this alone

It’s worth trying to resolve any/all of these serious symptoms because, if you’ve got something that’s causing them, you’re sure as heck still going to have other new symptoms. Whatever’s causing them could be hiding behind what you’re already experiencing and your GP could be looking out for these distinguishing symptoms.

Ease the symptoms, get the label later. I hope things improve for you soon.

Lolli xx