Not slept for 36 hrs coz of (possible) ms hug?

Not been on for ages as been managing quite well. However I had some very traumatic news on Saturday (my friend committed suicide in a very violent manner) and the news was a massive shock. Low and behold my miraculous period of wellness came to an abrupt end with this what I can only describe as crushing sensation around my chest for the last 36 hrs! I haven’t slept and I’ve had my very first day off work sick in 6 months! I have had this before ove the years but my god this was the worst it’s ever been. I’m un diagnosed still and take oxycodone for pain relief and diclofenac. Last night however I took every drug I had in the house to stop the hug including diazepam, oxycodone, diclofenac and paracetamol and still it wouldn’t shift. I was so uncomfortable and exhausted I was willing to try anything. Been docs today she said I’m working full time and doing split shifts and had some very sad news and it’s finally taken its toll. My fault I guess for thinking i am superwoman! Any way got diazepam from doc as she said this should get the muscles in my ribs out of spasm and help me sleep so hopefully tonight will bring some much needed rest. Anyone else get this horribly uncomfortable symptom? And how do you deal with it? Any coping strategies appreciated. Much love,Jo Jo xxx

Hi Jojo I’m so sorry to read your post and hear how you’re having a tough time. I haven’t had the ‘hug’ so I can’t help but I just want to say I’m thinking if you. Keep your chin up xxx

Hi Jo Jo,

Just wanted to say, how sorry I am to hear the sad news. No wonder you haven’t slept! My heart goes out to you.

I have not had ‘the hug’ either…although I’m not dx yet…but I know lots of people have…I’m sure someone will come along in a minute and help you.

Thinking of you,


Hi Jo Jo

I’m undiagnosed but one of my worst symptoms is spasms and the last one I had which was around my abdomen and back was the worst. I couldn’t turn I was rigid and as well as the spasm pain I had burning neuropathic pain as well. It was agony. Painkillers didn’t touch it. I was trying to stretch and stretch and get my partner to massage and try to get it to relax but to no avail. I couldn’t even sleep well I was so uncomfy. In the end like you I opted for the diazepam in my cupaboard as I was due to go on holiday and had been struggling with work and there was no way I would get seen by a gp in time or the neuro. I only took one but literally within 24hours I felt almost 70% better.

So I guess what I’m saying is when things are mild we can try and cope; stretch, distract, wear lose clothes, pain killers, massage, time. But when things are very bad you know, and it’s important get help.

Hope you’re feeling better soon.



Jojo I am so sorry about your friend - it must have been a really huge shock! No wonder your body flipped out. Can’t help about ‘the hug’ but I know that loads of people on here have it so someone will be along soon. Teresa xx

Ps: wanted to also say how sorry I am about your news. Stress and trauma can exacerbate old symptoms or give you new ones so take it easy. My flare up which prompted neuro referral was just after I got the news my partners brother (who was 24) died in a car crash. Worst thing was I had to give my partner the news as he was abroad looking after his dying mother. It’s not easy but you’ll get through this. X

You’ve all been so lovely and helpful as always. I really appreciate your comments of support and assistance. Xxxxxxx

Sorry to hear you’ve had such bad news. I have also been suffering something which may (or may not) be MS hug, since Sunday, although thankfully I’ve managed some sleep (I take trazodone to improve my sleep anyway, which may have helped) and it does finally seem to be easing off of its own accord. I’ve not found anything that helps except heat pads give a little comfort (as was suggested to me on here). I am not diagnosed, so although I’m having neurological tests, I only mentioned the symptom as a belt-like feeling crushing my ribs to my GP today, without the link to neuro/MS (don’t want to sound like a worrier, even if I am!). I was told it sounded like muscular pain in my intercostal muscles in my ribs.

I hope you find that the diazepam helps you sleep tonight, and most definitely hope the pain eases very soon. xxx

What a terrible thing :frowning:

And no wonder you’re having new symptoms :frowning:

Try heat (do you have a heat pad?), relaxation techniques, loose clothing, and if all else fails, maybe the odd glass or two of something alcoholic?? - it’s a muscle relaxant after all.

There are breathing techniques that can help apparently, but I don’t know anything about them, sorry. It might be worth posting on Everyday Living though because it was on there that I read about them.

(((hugs))) for having to deal with such horrible news :frowning:

Karen x

I get the ms hug and as you say it is really painful, the way I cope with it is, since being dx with Ankylosing Spondilitis my ribs have tightened up, now I know this may sound funny but I breathe through my stomach, which helps the hug as you don’t have to use your lungs as much. Give it a try and you will find it does help the pain. I do have SPMS.

Hope this can help you.



Going on what rizzo suggest I highly recommend this CD from the LDN Trust for relaxing you.

The man who does it is a genius and it’s only £3.