Not quite what I was expecting

Had pain in my right eye friday. Decided to visit doctor today and apparently I now have Shingles - by the time I got to the doctors the rash had covered the whole of the right side of my face and I had a black eye. Common problem according to the doctor for anyone with a compromised immune system. More tablets and another week off work as apparently I must avoid anyone pregnant. At least the sun is shining. Am I likely to get recurrent Shingles?

there is a jab for shingles now. At my GPs it was offered to those who were 71 or 79. My Mum who is 78 asked ti have it. Told no, and was also told that is August when she is 79 she wont be able to have it because the trial is over in June!

Moyna xxx

Thanks for the info Moyna - got a way to go then before I reach the required age. Can’t believe how painful it is. Will just have to hope the jab is available to those who need it after the trial.

Hi, the thing with shingles is to get it diagnosed and treated extra quickly, to avoid it going on for months. That`s what used to happen and it was a nightmare for people.

No sure about the recurring question…best ask GP, eh?

Rest well when you can hun.

luv Pollx