not ms - tv series

has anyone been watching Deutschland '83?

i’m hooked.

the soundtrack is fab too, all english and german music from 1983.

i’ve got it playing on youtube as i write this.

carole x

I was really looking forward to this, then really sad when I started watching the first episode and realised it was subtitled. I just can’t manage with subtitles, sadly. I can read them, but that’s all I CAN do, I can’t process fast enough to be able to read them and watch what’s going on. So I don’t get to see this.

Yes, I love it - just about to watch it on catchup.

Even though it’s all set in Germany, it’s quite nostalgic, I think - the 80s soundtrack.

Don’t know why you need Youtube - can’t you just watch it direct on Channel 4 OD - it’s free. They’ve got a new foreign language drama service, called “Walter Presents”, or something.

Although I haven’t got hooked on any of the others, so far. There was a Scandi vampire thing that was supposedly by the producers of The Killing, so I had high hopes. But it was a teenage/young-adult type thing. Not very plausible. Not that vampires are very plausible in themselves, but I like even my fantasy horror to be somewhat believable!

Also, the reviews of it were dreadful (the vampire thing, not Deutschland 83). Apparently, the series ended on a cliffhanger, in anticipation of a sequel, which was pulled because the ratings tanked. So apparently, if you struggle all the way to the end, you are rewarded with a very unsatisfactory ending - which was supposed to be resolved in the next series, but of course, now never can be!


I saw a vampire the other night when I was out on my unicorn. Pleasant old soul. :wink:

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Need to look for this, have heard that it’s good,still waiting for the last series of The Americans, don’t understand why it was not more popular, only subtitles for the Russians, not all the dialogue!

You have a unicorn?, was he in that advert for electric or whatever it was, not seen a unicorn since Ali McBeal was on! lol, wouldn’ t it be fabulous if they were real!

Alison x

HA! I wondered the EXACT same thing! Now whenever I see that ad I’ll be thinking of Carraboy, lmao.

Not all the dialogue? Ah, then I should be able to watch it then! Very good to know :smiley:

Yes it’s about a couple, who are Russian ‘sleepers’, living as an all American family, so not too many subtitles, some but not many and they are a good size, there is a some violence but it is in context.

That sounds as if it’s based on a real case. I can’t remember the couple’s names, or how they were eventually detected, but they were.

I’m not sure they were even married in reality, but lived for years as if they were. They went to very extreme lengths to preserve their cover.

Not sure it is based on them, there were/are plenty we had/have them here as well, couple in Devon or Cornwall in the 60s?, My mother was learning Russian at the time, which is why I remember that!

These kind of things make you start looking sideways at your neighbour, lol.

and your mother…lol

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yes i think the music is excellent and brings back good memories(not of being a East German spy !!) and really enjoying the story :slight_smile:

Maude lol, I didn’t like to say that about your mum, but it did cross my mind, yes, haha.

Think we might need to look sideways at Andyph here, too… ;-D

My father did business there (travel agent) he brought back all sorts, a very nice rosewood hi fi, unlike anything you could get here and a large floor standing globe, which my cousin wrecked by bouncing it down the stairs! wish I still had them! still have the costume dollls though. It was always quite exciting when he came home! with stories about where he’d been, although my teachers never believed me! I had to take the postcard he sent from NY when he went to the States, can you imagine that being so unbelievable now?

lol i burned my last response as i will this one too…the training always stays with you :wink:

Hahaha, good answer

Lol no, shows just how much life has changed during our lifetime, doesn’t it?

Indeed it does! I was always made to stand in front of the map and point to wherever my dad happened to be, but the pub wasn’t on the map! lol