not ms! just memories

Just heard ‘always the sun’ , the stranglers, always reminds me of seeing them in Cyprus on a CSE tour (combined services entertainment) on the concrete hockey pitch, very glamorous, they did this and during the performance, the sun set, I will never forget, it was just so special! (you can forget all the lighting and special effects, it was far better) and I have found sites dedicated to that tour, hubby’s boss got engaged that night and when I asked for a look at the ring, she morphed into a giggly, girly girl! because nobody else had dared ask her, being their partner’s boss (strange attitudes and all rank concious) it really was memorable for all the right reasons!


Thanks for sharing maude. Nice picture.



June 23rd 1999, magical!

hi maude

i love the stranglers!

the light show (sunset) sounds brilliant.

reminds me of that lou reed song “perfect day”.

carole xx

Carole," it really was a perfect day! we usually got bands like Hot Chocolate minus Errol Brown and Showaddywaddy -2, never mind at, least we had some entertainment!

Alison x