Not MS Emmerdale

Hi everyone,

I know this is nothing to do with MS its just so wet and cold outside and I must have to much time on my hands lol

I was watching Emmerdale the other night when Cain punched Zak outside the pub but is it just me but Cain punched Zak with a right hook and left him with a bleeding nose and a cut on the left of his face but now he has a black eye and its his right eye.

I think I need to get a life lol.


Hi Mark.


They must have a poor video editor, maybe you could apply for a job, I assume they are very well paid, you never know your luck.

After that you could have a go at getting this forum to operate correctly, the preview option is rubbish.


Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

As an avid Emmerdale watcher, I noticed this too.....yeh, maybe I need to get a life too, eh?


But I do love the soaps.


luv Pollx

I noticed as well, are we all poor sods with nothing better to do?


I used to work in the industry and time is of the essence although no excuse for editing mistakes.


Makes life more interesting eh.tounge