not ms but really stressing

ok, i keep getting phone calls 8 times a day everyday starting from 8am till 9pm, they want money off me, i know i owe them money and i want to pay it, i keep making payment offers that i can realisticly afford, i gave them my incoming money amount and outgoing expenses, rent, council tax, and everything i have to pay out every week which leaves me with hardly anything, they keep telling me they will not accept anything i offer them unless its £25 a week and nothing i say will change there minds, i tell them i cannot afford that, i have sent them copies of bank statements showing im on benefits and what im paying out, also sent confirmation letters of my medical conditions along with a letter telling them they are no longer allowed to call me, only to communicate with letters as i cannot take the amount of harrassment i get off them, they have ignored this and have told me everytime they will not stop calling me till they get the amount they want and that im agreeing to it, they also want my bank details so they can keep trying to take money from it ( i blanked out my details wen i sent the bank statement) ive got to the point now that im having to change my number on monday as they wont stop calling me all the time, i cant take this, i want to pay the debt i owe and thats it, not get harrassed and bullied and talked to like im a nut case as they want a…normal conversation with me and will not stop till they get it, ive looked up the rules they have to abide by from the trading standards and office of fair trading sites and they are breaking the rules, i get scared when they call as i get the same harrassment and nasty attitudes, changing my number is the last resort to get some peace and sanity back, my ms is starting to flare up with all the stress, my speech is getting messed up so ive started to not talk as its taking ages to try to say what i need to say, im not eating properly either…im scared they will come knocking on my door trying to get the whole amount off me or try to get into the flat to get my stuff to sell. im scared

Hi anon Citizens advice bureau are invaluable with this kind of situation. Give them a call on Monday and arrange an appointment to see a debts advisor.


Get debt advice, are you in a Housing Association property ? most HA’s have debt and welfare advice services which are great please talk to someone there is lots of help out there MS is bad enough you dont need the extra stress CAB ? please please talk to someone

ooh guess what? yet another phone call about 10 mins after i posted this. i just lost it and told then im not confirming any details with them, im not going to be on the phone long enough to get treated like a moron and they can all go and feck off and jump off a cliff (not politely put either) that they can call me on monday after i change my number which they cannot do anything about, i have reported them to the office of fair trading and trading standards as they are breaking there rules, then i told them to go feck themselves and put the phone down…not very polite of me i know but i just snapped, ill get about 10 phone calls tomorow then the same on sunday now

they called 10 mins after my original post


Have you visited the National Debtline? I owed money on a mortgage after my flat was repossessed and I was on benefits. I had asked for help before it got to that situation as I had negative equity and I was in a one-bed flat with a five year old and they ignored my requests so I chucked the keys in and moved to a rented property where I had 2 bedrooms and got help with the rent! Suddenly they remembered me and wanted their money ! The company were also pushing for more than I could afford so I did seek help from the CAB but it is hard to get an appointment as the are always so busy. They just helped me to write a letter offering what I could afford with bank statements to prove my income and outgoings. After that I just used the National Debtline as all the info is on there including letters about harrassment, how to make an offer of token payments etc. Keep copies of everything!

I made an offer of what I could reasonably afford and said if they didn’t accept that they would have to take me to Court. They obviously didn’t want that as I told them I did have a copy of my letter from a few years earlier begging for help with the negative equity situation when I was first out of work. I would have loved a day in Court so I could bring that up and show them up. By the way, even if your bank statement had not been blacked out there is no way any company can take payments from your bank without your permission. If they had done so, you could have asked your bank to repay it unless they could provide a valid direct debit mandate signed by you.

My brother is friends with a debt collector who says that if you make a reasonable offer, there is nothing the company can do. It is not worth their time/money to take you to Court as they will not be able to get more out of you so stand firm and do not let their bully boy tactics intimidate you. Well done for reporting them to Trading Standards; they need to be sorted out before they force someone into doing something drastic or dangerous.

Hope you get things sorted soon xx

This is shocking. Who is calling you? Banks have to abide by a strict code of conduct but often they sell on the debt and the new owners are usually more agressive. The post above is right, they cannot legally get more than you can afford, so they just keep on pressurising you, hoping it will illicit some kind of offer. The Credit counselling credit service are good if you fit their criteria. I hope this works out for you.