Not Ms! anyone heard of bodily distress syndrome?

Hi All, After ten months of hell, my neuro has said that I do not have ms, heres the story (try to make it short)… Referred to neuro july 2012, mri november 2012 which showed to areas of white patches in brain. had lumbar puncture March 2013 and was told by gp I had matching oligoclonal bands, however after seeing neuro last week he just said that I dont have ms. He gave me a diagnosis of something which he says does not officially have a name yet , apparently there are thirteen names in which they may call it but the one he thought most suitable is Bodily distress function. Whilst I appreciate this is a ms support forum I was hoping that somebody maybe able to shine some light on this or if in fact anyone has ever heard of bodily distress function. Neuro said there is no magic tablet! He is now discharging me and putting it back into my doctors hands. Does anyone have any advice or ideas on what I could do next? I am struggling living like this and do not know what else I can do. Sorry for the long post. Lisa x