Not looking good


I would like to list some of my current experiences and 'symptoms" and get some feedback.

Most recently, involuntary twitching/spasm/movment of thumb and fingers in right hand when at rest.

Trembling or vibration in legs.

Tingling/shivering sensation around torso, side and lower back.

Intense spasm of the neck causing sharp movment, very uncomfortable.

Long history of anxiety, deppressive episodes and panic disorder.

Tired during the day, cannot sleep at night


(and the worst one) immesnly painful and worrying stabbing feeling inside my body occompained by the sensation of being crushed. To breath in is immesnly painful, but to complete a full breath usually illeviates the pain. The first time it happened I thought I was going to die it was that bad.

Now I dont want to jump to any conclusions, but it doesnt sound good does it? Does anybody now anything about parkinsons. I am quite concerned about all this.

Thank you very much


hi ben

that crushing sounds like the ms hug to me. very scary the first time it happens - my husband and sister thought i was having a heart attack! gentle breathing helps get back to normal.

also regarding your insomnia -

i am currently on a course for breathworks mindfulness mediation and one of the cds really helps me to sleep.

even if you are not diagnosed you should be able to access this kind of course.

i go to trafford ms therapy centre where the course is run.

good luck

carole x