Not going out


Online helps me retain some sense of normality. More food for thought.


Living out in the countryside as I do it takes a minimum of half an hour each way to the nearest supermarket, that’s with no traffic, tractors or cattle on the road. Like you I like wandering around the aisles when I’m up to it, looking at what’s available or on special offer. When my finances are tight I tend to use the internet for my groceries as I only focus on my list and don’t impulse buy. Having ms makes internet shopping a luxury, having someone gather up the items on my list and bring it into the kitchen for me is much appreciated. And when the weather’s bad in winter it’s a pleasure too. I agree that the meal all measured out in a box is not something I’d invest in either. I enjoy trying new recipes but I have scales, measuring cups and spoons, and I’m capable of using them. Ingredients that are very expensive or we don’t like are substituted with varying degrees of success, but that’s only because I’m Coeliac and can’t have gluten and can’t eat spicy food. Amazon and eBay are very useful when you live on a tight budget and very rural. I do think that online shopping is very convenient, it’s just such a shame that so many shops are closing. Worse still are bank and post office closures, that’s awful for people who are frail or don’t have the intent. We have no banks in our area now, when a few years ago we had four. I feel sorry for those who have been made redundant by these closures. Once again a thought provoking read Steve. I hope you’ve managed to rest and you’re feeling better. Keep posting them please. Cath x