Not diagnosed yet but don't think it be too long before I am

Hi all, hope you are having as good a day as possible. My story. Im a 38 yr old male with a wife and 2 daughters 16 & 1…i know big gap! I have always been reasonably fit. I work for the NHS in a clinical role with children. Last july I had a Period of anxiety that came out of the blue that brought my once hidden claustraphobia back with avengeance to the point I couldnt go in any room wihout having the door open/ajar etc etc…I had CBT to help…which it did to an extent and things eased off a little. Then in August 2010 I was donig dressings on a patient and lost feeling in my left forearm followed by a really strange feeling ovr my body…however I could still use it and drove to my gp. Whilst at the gp i noticed pins & needles in both hands and feet. GP did reflex tests etc and sent me away to see how things went. My arm to now still doesnt feel the same but i have full use of it. I went back and was then referred to neuro as a query stroke case. Saw neuro in Oct 2010 who found asymmetrical reflexes and a few beats of clonus bilaterally. MRI referral. I had a few strange symptoms until… Mar 2011 unable to tolerate MRI…strange symptoms continuing but nohing major. July 2011 felt strange and few headaches until I suddenly lost part of my vision from my left eye and felt like i would pass out…lay down…slept for hour, woke up sight better but pain in eye and headche. Visited gp next day…he sent me away to return for blood tests…thyroid, diabetes etc etc. Few days later bloods back…all ok. Still left with recurring headachs nd feeling lighgtheaded…advid by employer to stay off work as I could compromise my patients health if anything happened again while working. New neuro appt came for DEC 2011!!! grrrr I rany my occupational healt dept who arranged to see me…very helpful but advised i may not be ble to work until Im diagnosed/mended…although she believes it will be confirmed as MS. She booked me in to see the occy health Dr on Monday just gone. She was very helpful and dictfated a very strong letter to neuro to give him hurry up to arrange Lumber puncture, nerve conduction tests and for referral to different b’ham hospital that has opensided MRI scanner and she also believes I have MS. I now have neuro appt for sept 22nd and seem to be getting towards a diagnosis, which I think I need…I still have recurring pain in my eye, headaches and major fatigue. Sorry for large post but wanted to introduce myself fully and maybe help others with my post…KEEP PUSHING and dont let them palm you off! Take care Speedy

Hi there, sorry to hear that you have had a slow journey to the possibility of a diagnosis. It hit home with me when I read your post. I have a lot of health problems which have clouded the issue up until now. I had blood test after blood test over the past few years and have had diagnosis of M.E. after years of struggling with bouts of extreme fatigue. I have thyroid problems and type II diabetes (although since starting diabetes support, i have not had a raised blood sugar level). I also have diabilities related to my pelvis and have lived with chronic pain from that for years. However, since autumn last year, new symptoms emerged, which worried me. Firstly, I had a few episodes of losing control of my hand while carrying a cup of coffee and then pain started to build up in my hands and wrists. I also developed pain in my upper right arm which didnt go away after rest. Other limbs started to feel strange, slightly numb or a hot feeling or slight tingling and then pain. I also started suffering constipation and slight problems with urinating. Then my feet either felt like they were going to cramp or had muscle pain or tingling or pinprick pains. Sorry to be crude but even my nipples are constantly sore. My pain spread to most of my muscles and I had had enough. So I started doing my research as to what could be causing me so many problems. Again and again, I came back to MS so not wanting to self-diagnose, I wrote down all my symptoms and how they affected me and presented it to my doctor. After some discussion, he agreed it was a possibility and still seemed cagey about putting me forward for testing. So I am in limbo. I dont know for definite if I am getting a referral to neurology and I am suffering badly from my symptoms, particularly pain. It is difficult for me to walk now and I have no definable sleep pattern. Sorry for such a long post but I thought you might find my case interesting. I hope you a diagnosis of something soon. Hope you manage to get back to work too.

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