norwegian wood

my son has been trying to learn beatles songs and i asked for norwegian wood.

now i want to carry him around in my pocket like an ipod.

his guitar sounds wonderful and it’s a great pity he refuses to play in public.

“…i sat on a rug, biding my time drinking her wine”.

talented chap he is.

carole x

I’m sure his mother has been a great inspiration.

i can’t play any instruments but have a vast record collection.

i used to have a decent singing voice but now it’s rough and croaky.

i can do a mean janis joplin and neil young because they sing in a pitch i can manage!

dance as though nobody is looking and sing as though nobody is listening.

they are running for cover!

When I think of music I think of you Carole. You are the queen of music. And I’m sure that growing up as your son has been a major factor in his life.


Isn’t it good?

(I blame the parents.)



In my head i’m dancing!

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To pursue the dancing theme, there is a couplet in a Rodgers and Hart song called “Dancing on the Ceiling.’ It goes like this:

‘I love my ceiling more
Since it is a dancing floor’

It’s taken out of the context of the song slightly, but very appropriate, nonetheless, don’t you think? There’s a song which suits every occasion or emotion.


I find “in head” dancing is the safest and least embarrassing way to go. Pre MS I was a rubbish dancer, I am glad to report that with MS and mobility issues, my dancing skills have not been affected.



i totally agree.

my best ever experience of an appropriate song was one year when we had 8 inches of snow and i had to put the bins out.

i started to skid but managed to right myself by hugging the smelly bin.

spasticus autisticus was what i sang as i went back inside.

keep singing and do share the ear worms!

carole x

Genius, I just googled the Ian Drury song, my new anthem Ta Mick

ian dury is a hero. did you see the documentary about him, his band were great too. saw them a few times on the Stiff tours. x

I missed the show, but I do remember my schoolboy sniggers whilst listening to a B side called “You’re more than fair” M

Does he want someone to accompany him? I’m brilliant on comb and tissue paper. He must be very talented.


I can murder a good few songs on my acoustic guitar. I tend not to play when anyone is around though. Quite a few years ago, when my daughter was about 8, I was strumming quietly in the house. We were the only ones home. She came through and sat cross legged in front of me as I was strumming the chords to Mad World by Tears For Fears’ and said “what was that song. Play it again”. I thought, wow, as she’s never paid attention like this before. I gave it my best shot and thought I did ok until she knocked me side ways with her comment of “that was…rubbish”. And off she went, skipping away, leaving me devastated!


Also, my wife is notorious for getting song lyrics wrong. She was singing along to Norwegian Wood one day and quizzed as to why I was laughing. She had just sung “I sat on a rock, biting my tie”, thinking that these were the correct words.


It’s so widespread there’s a name for it, you know… google for ‘Mondegreen’. c/f Jimi Hendrix, “excuse me while I kiss this guy…”


your daughter wins the prize for put-downs.

i’m sure i’d have loved your strumming.

as for song lyrics my mum used to love a bit of reggae and sang “is this love” by bob marley

…“we’ll be together with a roof rack over our heads”

oh mum, i miss you so much.

carole x

Peter Kaye did a wonderful 5 minute live piece on mis-heard lyrics, including Sister Sledge We Are Family - “just let me say for the record” becomes “just let me staple the vicar”; brilliant.