Northern Line

Hello from the wee small hours.

A train journey is always worth writing about. I love the romance of the train even though those old steam engines are gone from the network. Here is my first part if you wish to read it:

Best wishes, Steve

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A free ride is a bonus, always

My last regular train journey I did was when I commuted to London for work, horrible in so many ways!

The completely random but memorable train journey was when we went to Canada for our honeymoon (ok, this was 11 yrs ago but still). We wanted to go to Montreal and Toronto, when we went to the travel agent and flights were mentioned, I asked about trains as I had a vague recollection I’d seen a documentary about train travel in Canada.

So, we booked that part of our journey by train. Well, when we did that part of the journey it was amazing, nothing like the UK. We understood we needed to ‘check in’ an hour before the rain time - and it was like that. We checked-in our luggage and went off for a wander and coffee

The journey was actually a tad bland, simply because it took about 4 hours and every time I looked out the window, all I could see was the lake - which looks more like the sea as the lakes are blinkin’ HUGE! On the plus side, there was a decent drink/nibbles service, the ladies walked up and down the carriages with their trolleys and our luggage was stored on board close to our respective seats. So I’d recommend the train service there, very stress free tho not too exciting on that particular landscape. I’d do one of the train trips thru The Rockies if Iever won the lottery

Nice blog

Sonia x


If you fancy the Rockies I can recommend Vancouver - Banff, as stunning doesn’t quite do it justice. Looks considerably more luxurious these days too.

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I loved your blog Steve, your description really brings it all to life, I could visualise the mother shouting Sabrina! It made me laugh, I love watching people and i had some fantastic conversations with people on the buses and trains. I was only thinking the other day how much i missed out on when i used to drive, Its such an adventure going on the train I think we can think its all bad news being in a wheelchair but actually its such good fun when we are off on our adventures. I cant wait to get my new chair, its on order from the nhs and should be with me some time in January. and I’m already planning my next visit to Glasgow with Frazer

Michelle and Frazer xx

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Having retired at 46, I’m destined to be skint forever now, unless the lottery goes my way x

This has been on my bucket list for years but not sure I can do it anymore. I have my 60th in 2018 but not sure if I have the physical ability or the confidence to do it. I’m not ruling it out yet, though.

Mags xx