Northern ireland patient recall

Hi folks is there many on here that has been affected a certain neurologist patient recall

I read the report and the linked Telegraph editorial because I’m from NI myself so it caught my interest. On the face of what is revealed in the piece, it all seems an insane over-reaction: if every neurologist who had ever mistaken MS for something else or vice versa, or had made a jocular remark about how crap people feltafter IV steroids was going to have his/her reputation trashed in public on the basis of a few allegations, there would be nobody left practising!

The Belfast Health Trust must know a lot more than the Telegraph is allowed to print. Either that, or they are guilty of unforgivable scaremongering. Time will tell, but I do dislike a public witch-hunt before the facts are even known. I’m not blaming the Telegraph for this - if there has been over-reaction, that is the Trust’s responsibility; the Telegraph just reports on the news as they find it.

Either way, it’s going to cause a lot of distress and confusion among patients. There had better be a damned good reason for that.

If you are one of the recalled patients, Anon, I hope that whatever happens next will set your mind at rest.


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Oh well said Alison.

Yes, I feel really badly for those patients of that doctor. But as you say, it is trial by public humiliation. Hopefully there’s not been too many people misdiagnosed.

And for those of you who are patients of this doctor, try not to worry, there may be nothing wrong with your diagnosis or treatment.

Best of luck to all the patients of the Royal Victoria Hospital who are thrown into disarray by the news.


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I agree with use about the trial by media is unfair I was patient of his have no idea if I have been given wrong information yet and I thought he was really good neuro but there does seem to be so many coming forward with issues but I think it’s a case of a good neuro being put under to much pressure/work load due to the nhs

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If mistakes are made then makes us all aware by whatever means.

Complain,complain and take legal action if not happy.