Normal MRI

So I just had an MRI of the spine and they said it was an “Essentially normal exam with no evidence of MS involvement on the spine” last year they said "Numerable T2 hyperintense lesions throughout the brainstem and cervical spinal cord extending into the visualized upper thoracic cord at all levels."and “findings compatible with severe demylinating disease” How could all of that went away? I do take LDN. My brain has lesions but there has been no change.

Sorry but being nosy, (nothing to do with your thread content) have you had any side effects from LDN, have you noticed any benefits and how long have you been on it? Wondering whether I should have a discussion with my Neuro.

Hi. I didn’t know that lesions could disappear either… I’m sorry I’m no help but felt I had to reply so you wouldn’t think your question was not relevant or interesting. I only have brain lesions and these are always present. Strange!!! What does your Neuro say?

Cath x

I have been prescribed ldn on the NHS since 2004 and most of the modest improvements are still with me. No side effects and my only regret is not taking it sooner.

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