Normal MRI.... pain daily


I had my MRI 20th June, chased results today as I have had to take yet another day off work. I have cramp in my left calf and hands. I get daily sharp needle pain as if someone is pushing hot pins into my muscles in various places all over my body. I often get blurry vision or pain behind my eyes. I have had spasms in my forehead, left arm and right leg and butt cheek.

Around five years ago I had a heart monitor fitted as I kept getting tight pains in my chest and I thought it might be my heart but that came back clear so I learnt to deal with it when it happens.

I am constantly wiped out and my memory is getting worse. I have started to stutter or completely forget words.

If this isn’t MS… what else could be going on??

Many thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

So you`ve not been diagnosed yet, or has MS been ruled out?

Sorry I dont know what else it might be. Do you have mobility problems, as in drop foot when walking?

I was wrongly diagnosed for 10 years, with PPMS.

I had drop foot and loads of falls, bladder and bowel problems, and severe fatigue. Oh and arm spasms.

I am now a full time wheelie. I am hoisted for every transfer.

My unproven diagnosis is hereditary spastic paraplegia.


Hi Polls,

it was suspected MS but MRI was normal. I have had numb left side since March. Have struggled walking. But can feel cramp like pains in my left calf today. Yesterday I had cramp like pains in hands and feet. My face (left side) always feels numb. The sharp pin pain makes me yelp in pain and it makes me jump as can be fine one minute and the hit the next.

Thank you for your reply x x

I haven’t been told it’s not MS it was my assumption because MRI was normal.

The Dr has changed my meds from Amitriptyline to Gabapentin