normal mri but olicogonal bands in csf

Hello everyone

I am now in the process of having a dear lady go through some testing for an auto immune disease

The symptoms started 2 months ago, where she developed sever leg pain in both legs and she could barely move them and she felt numb and weakness, so they admitted to the hospital and they did test her CSF and found olicogonal bands , but in the blood test I did not see that they checked for olicogonal bands in her blood. In the lab report it only said Olicogonal bands in csf and that is it no other mention about how many bands. they suspected sjogren but ana was negative, she did an emg test and it was normal. She has no vision problem. They also test for NMO and also was negative. Also since ana was negative they ruled out lupus. Also they tested for rheumatoid and was negative as well. But the problem one day her knees really swelled and the problems originated mainly in her knees and thighs pain. Sometimes she as a pain as if something is being torn in her thighs and more so on the left leg

One day she woke up with one leg stiff and painful so I took her to the hospital and after two hours after taking codiene her pain was gone and it was mainly in the left leg. When they tested her legs she said she is strong and not weak

Her MRI for the brain and spinal cord were clear of scars of lesions

her vitmin d is really deficient, and her test for antithyroglublin was really high, she in the past has some thyroid issues and always used to feel tired

she went to see a rheumatoligist and he said its not RA but he said her pain in her thighs and knees are a result of inflammation when he pressed on her lower back right side and left side she felt pain and he said that pain radiates to the thighs and knees

The appontment with the neurolosit is after 2 days

this pain in the lady has been going on for 2 months no, when she takes pain killers she is ok and goes to work

the concern we are looking at is the olicogonal bands and how that is related to what she goes through and how, I am not happy why did not do a serum oligcogonal band test and tell us more how many bands the found in her csf

do u think the neurolgist will ask again to take a csf test

that lady is 43 years old

anyone please has some input as tis has been going on for 2 months now and only after 2 days she will have finally to see a neurologist as its so hard to see one due to wiating time

best wishes and sorry for my poor wiring as english is not my main language

thanks for the answers, I noticed she has herpes on her lips outbreaks especially when the symptoms really get intense

i will be with her tomorrow to the neuro, I hope he is a good one as this is such an intense situation

I know that the in lady i am concerned about few months ago had oral sex with a new partner, and that new partner i know for sure had a relationship with another girl who has herpes and was admitted also to the hospital due to epstein virus besides her herpes

i wonder if a neurologist looks at the possibility of viral infections