no wonder i get tired!

just thinking of how hard it is to pee.

i have to concentrate really hard, whilst rocking back and forward.

then concentrate on remaining vertical when standing.

concentrate on not cutting or burning myself when cooking.

concentrate on not choking when eating.

blimey i didnt have to concentrate this hard when i did my degree!

so no wonder i’m tired.

i feel better if i understand why things happen so even if my theory is wrong it makes me feel better.

carole x

Pigpen Just don’t go trying to do them tasks all at once :wink: Michelle x

this will make you laugh - hopefully

I have to concentratereally hard on peeing when it feels like I should be ahem…pooing…

Ive got a crossed wire see

i find if you totally relax and clear your mind for a few seconds your body takes over and leaves the addled brain out of it