No pain?!

I’ve been waiting for an appointment with neuro since Jan. I had what the GP believes to be lhermittes sign, plus unbearable fatigue, slow scanning speech and kept forgetting words. It lasted roughly 3 weeks but I gradually got better apart from the fatigue which has never went away (but I can now manage some things around the house and can go shopping but only quick trips). At end of March I woke with a dead/numb leg - theres some feeling but it’s odd. Doc sent me to A&E, the consultant there agreed my reflexes on the right and nerve responses weren’t normal, he saw previous brain MRI and said I have an abnormal brain. He has referred me to get brain an spine MRI as outpatient as it was only my leg causing issues. I don’t have constant pain, I do get burning and stabbing in my leg. My right leg buckles a lot when I’ve been walking for any length of time. my memory has been weird. Very forgetful. Anyway my question is can you have MS and only minimal pain?


Yes, some people have very little pain with MS. Others have horrible pain. Everyone experiences MS in different ways.

But I suspect you are putting the cart before the horse a little here. You’ve not seen a neurologist as yet; your GP may think you have l’hermites, and an A&E Doctor may believe your brain MRI is abnormal. But only a neurologist can diagnose MS.

So, it seems you need to see the neurologist either before or after the further MRI scan. The neurologist will be able to interpret the scan and do a physical examination as well as take a history from you. S/he will then be able to make a diagnosis, refer you for further tests, or just possibly adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach.

Hopefully the neurologists appointment will come soon and you can get some answers.