No forgiveness

Hi folks, many people, good bad indifferent, casualties of a crime have stated that they forgave their assailant but not all assailants should (although in some eyes they have done no wrong), back in 84 maggie1 told the police not to go soft on striking miners, result, riots, unrest, many convicted, many suffer from it, at last this poor excuse for a Scottish government has finally ordered an inquiry into the police heavy handed approach, fast forward 32 years, maggie2, as Home Secretary, ignores the cries of defenders of 21 year old Denzel Darku not to deport him, his father had just died and the inflexible home office prepares to send him back to his birth country of Ghana, he had to leave university where he was studying to be a nurse, 2 years on, a now 23 old Denzel, who arrived in Scotland 9 years ago to stay with his father has been granted a permanent status just before a court hearing, he plans to back to Stirling university (who kept his place open) to study for nursing. These two cases alone, how many more crimes can be handed, should make people think about NOT forgiving, but throw out the culprits, the tories, now, Brian