No Data Protection for Sick and Disabled ESA

Please click this link and read about how if your on ESA your form is being opened by the post office and not ATOS! disgusting!!

Sadly its only a matter of time!!! plans to cut 20% of people off DLA are in the lords this week and were hoping for ammedments even if the ConDems have stated they will revoke on finanical privalige!

One of the biggest bullys Chris Grayling is adamant they will go ahead with the cut even if he is under attack for expenses to his multiple homes!!

Please sign this petition if you can

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Thanks for the sign!!

The post office having access to the 50 page ESA application with all your continence info and sexual probs ( you who have filled it in know they want to know everthing!!) but more worrying is them having your name, address, NI number,bank details etc etc its a fraudsters paradise! oh now I am getting my politicians and fraudsters mixed up is there any difference? I dont think so

I am spartacus stand up people and join me!!!